Free-range Goose and Duck Foie Gras des Landes
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Our Lafitte products

Our Lafitte products

A traditional duck

Our ducks bred for Foie Gras descend from an ancient breed known for its sturdiness and slow growth. They can be identified by their brilliant black and white plumage. Their feathers are an absolute sign of quality.

Open air free-range breeding

LAFITTE collaborates with over 80 breeders and perpetuates the traditional breeding on local farms under the supervision and control of the local artisanat committee who supervise the quantity, living conditions and feeding of the fowl. Our ducks are bred exclusively in the Landes department, in open air, free-range fashion with plenty of water. In this natural environment Foie Gras is still produced using the traditional methods passed down through generations. The processing is done by hand with care and attention that only small artisan farmers can give to their ducks.

An adapted food

Our ducks are fed only vegetal products (corn and wheat) traditionally with whole corn (which represents only 6% of the French production). Our breeding specifications guarantee non GMO maize.

The Lafitte guarantee

Our ducks are bred and prepared with great care. We are bound by very strict rules and specifications like those of the French Label Rouge.

A traditional cooking

Our Foie Gras (as well as all our products) are handmade in limited series by our cooks in order to respect their nobility and preserve all the taste. As they are typical, our recipes are inspired by flavors and colors of the traditional Lafitte family cooking.

When ancestral know-how meets modern processing

Our new processing plant With a new slaughterhouse and cutting room since 2005, leading edge transformation tools for the cooked Foie Gras and other elaborated products, Lafitte associates the know-how of the ancestors with modern processes. Its locally hired exerienced employees are a guarantee to produce the best product.

A controlled channel for certified quality

Very few firms dedicated to Foie Gras are able to guarantee a full control of their production from duck selection and breeding to transformation and selling like Lafitte. By investing in all the levels of the production channel and overseeing all its products, Lafitte complies with all the rules and regulations of its raw as well as elaborated products for food safety.

The respect of the taste as a priority

Since our ducks are fed traditionally, their Foie gras and magrets have a rustic taste and unique texture. Therefore our Foie Gras needs only slight seasoning. Our ready made cooked dishes are cooked following simple family recipes from the Lafitte tradition. Furthermore, all our Foie Gras, pâtés and cooked canned products are guaranteed to be free of additives and preservatives.

Our Lafitte products